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Business Process

South Bend Medical Foundation -- SQL Server and ORACLE DBA

South Bend Medical Foundation -- HL7 ANalysis and Conversion

State of Illinois -- Design and Build Crash Information System

Product Design -- BIOTools Object Oriented Database SYstem, Rules Engine, State Based Routing

Product Design -- Form Capture and Storage

New York Stock Exchange --  Website Performance ANalysis

Major Insurer -- Related UNIX Performance to Customer Service Level

Goldman Sachs -- Modeled and recommended data center failover information exchange

Goldman Sachs -- Revision Control recommendation

Excorp -- Applied to Rational Unified Process to new Streaming Audio Product

State of Iowa -- Modeled and recommended infrastructure for Iowa Court System

AM/FMI -- Planned and sized 13 Billion Dollar Internet Radio Operation with 850 STations for 95% Service Level

Clopay Door - Tuned ORACLE Financial SYstem

Produce Fixture Manufacturer -- Installed and tuned ORACLE Financials in HPUX environment

Bayer Chemical -- Tuned ORACLE Financials and updated

Advertising Agency -- Set up ORACLE Backup and Rocovey

SIMPLOT -- Remediated 500,000 lines of C Code and replatformed Soilbuilder System on AIX

South Bend Medical Foundation -- Designed Indigent Care SYstem

South Bend Medical Foundation -- Set up and managed four AIX 6000 SYstems with ORACLE Database

South Bend Medical Foundation -- Wrote C based socket interface for medical practice updates from foreign systems

Franklin and Middletown Boxboard -- Analyzed business case using Business Requirements Planning and designed Decision SUpport SYstem

XStat -- Designed and implemented major enhancements to QUality Control Package

Miami Nuclear Facility -- Designed Metrology Management System using IBM, VAX and SCO UNIX Servers

Interactive Information Systems -- Designed and implemented focus forecasting system for commercial manufacturing system

ACCESS Technology -- Participated in the design of an Engineering Red Line System

Meade LEXIS/NEXIS -- Designed and Implemented content quality assurance and scheduling software

ARMCO Steel -- Scheduling consultant

Hamilton County Ohio -- Designed a Land Title System

CARA Management Consultants -- Designed and implemented Medical Billing SYstem

Woolpert Engineering -- Designed aerial land feature recognition system

Reynolds and Reynolds -- Manufacturing Software Consultant and Manager

Wright Patterson AFB -- MASA System Project Manager and Software SYstem Manager