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Business Information

Manufacturing -- MRP, MRPII, ERP, BRP, APICS

Medical -- HL7, Billing, Labratory Orders, Rhapsody, CAI

Planning -- Strategic, Tactical, and Operations, Financial Modeling, Micro and Macro Economics

Accounting -- Software, Bookkeeping, Structure, Integration, Journals, Ledgers, Budget Control

Statistical Analysis -- Regression, Characterization, Cleaning, ANOVA, ANCOVA, non-parametrics, Analysis for Cause

Business Analysis -- Cost Analysis, Market Analysis, Infrastructure Analysis, Service Level, Work Flow

Process Analysis -- Flow, variance, routing, scheduling, shop floor control, delivery, stocking, forecasting

Metrology -- Process and Instrument Calibration

IT -- Infrastructure, performance, capacity, modeling

Programming -- C, C++, C#, BASIC, Fortran, SQL, Java, php, Algol, PL1, Bjourn Shell, C shell, Scripting

Marketing -- Market Research analytics

Engineering -- Process, infrastructure support

Government -- Courts, Information Systems, System Support