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About Us

Master Software Incorporated has over thirty years of experience improving business processes, analyzing business information and developing business software.

Our business process experience includes the fields of manufacturing, procurement, accounting, quality assurance, quality control, strategic palnning, tactical planning, internet radio, metrology, engineering and management of resources. To learn more about our specific experience select ​Process above.

Our business experience includes paramtric and non-parametric analysis, regression, correlation, ANOVA, ANCOVA and anaysis for cause. We use the latest databases and tools to clean, group, segment and analyze your data to answer your key business questions reliably. To learn more about our specific experience select Information above.

Our computer infrastructure experience supporting includes supporting Windows Server and UNIX Operating Systems, SQL Server and ORACLE(TM) DBA and all of the products that support computer operations. We also do capacity studies and sizing. To learn about our specific computer operation support select ​Support ​above.

Our business software development experience includes application of Rational Unified Process, CMMI and accelerated collaborative methodologies such as Agile and Scrum. We maintain our own up to date cloud based server farms with platforms for all major software development situations. Interactive project websites are used to capture requirements, secure authorization, document functionality  and report progress. To learn about our specific experience select Development above.

Finally, to obtain specific information about anything concerning Master Software, select Contact above.